My Core Floor is a whole body fitness and education experience designed for women. Easily understandable content and specialized exercise programs give you the power to achieve results. Learn how your body is the solution and take back control.

How My Core Floor Can Enhance Your Practice

My Core Floor is an innovative web based education and exercise program designed for the busy life of today’s women. It was created to be an online version of a highly successful local program developed by Brittney Cappiello MSPT at Williamstown Physical Therapy in Williamstown, Massachusetts. The women involved in the original program developed a greater understanding of their body and how many women’s health related symptoms were actually caused by musculoskeletal problems. The group developed trust, fostering open dialogue and empowerment created through improving their minds with knowledge and bodies with strength and mobility.

My Core Floor is designed to create similar outcomes for your patients in the personal comfort of their home. By offering a membership to existing patients, My Core Floor can reinforce and enhance learning opportunities with an easy to understand, self-paced, collection of relevant topics. The exercise programming can greatly improve patient compliance and allow greater provider efficiency as varied and progressive home exercise workouts are built into the Kinexit portion of My Core Floor. Leveraging My Core Floor within your practice community helps further position you as a trusted resource for women too embarrassed to seek out care or are unaware that your services can help them.

My Core Floor can further differentiate your practice from those around you. Customized branding with your logo is available, reinforcing your role in this personalized offering for your patients. As a My Core Floor provider you gain greater market advantage providing a service to women needing help with life altering deeply personal symptoms and problems.

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