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Urinary Leaking

I recently had the opportunity to visit a trampoline park. These type of venues are opening up around the country as a fun place for kids, teens, and adults to jump around. It’s quite a workout and hard to not enjoy yourself as you get to feel like a kid all over again. There was something quite obvious to me as I observed the activity. I saw kids having a great time, laughing and smiling, as they jumped around on the trampolines. I saw lots of dads rediscovering their inner child, enjoying the chance to jump higher than they had in a very long time. I noticed almost every mom standing on the sidelines and watching. Were they afraid to jump?

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We have completely allowed big business to fool us into thinking that wetting your pants is acceptable. I still can’t believe that the grocery dedicates their aisle signage to incontinence products. That just goes to show you what a big seller it is for them. The sign is mind boggling on so many levels.

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