Potty Trained For Life


From the time our children are born we as mothers look forward to the day we can stop carrying diaper bags and changing diapers. We can’t wait for our little ones to be ‘potty trained.’ We feel a sense of pride (and a little nervousness) that first time we let them wear their ‘big girl underwear’ or ‘big boy underwear.’ Then the first day comes where they don’t have any ‘accidents’ and we are full of praise, excitement and rewards!

So please explain to me why when we as mothers have to start carrying around our own version of ‘diapers’ no one bats an eye. No one says a word. Is it because they make them in grown up shapes and sizes for us? Is it because they make them to look sleeker, sexier, and easier for us to dance in? I don’t care what they look like or feel like or how well I can dance in the them if we are being honest with ourselves we would recognize that we are wearing pads aka adult version diapers no matter how much ‘bling’ you add.

It’s not okay for our kids to pee their pants after they are ‘potty trained’ and we reward them for ‘staying dry’ so why have we as a society made peeing our pants for women socially acceptable. Why do we accept that this is okay for us when we would never send our middle schooler or high school off for the day with pads or diapers if they were ‘leaking’ a little?

LISTEN LADIES – THERE IS NO ACCEPTABLE AGE FOR INCONTINENCE. That point is crucial for you to understand!!!! Not after babies, not after menopause, not because you are older – there is NO age where peeing you pants should be accepted as normal!!! Common – YES…..normal – NEVER!!!!!!