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Let’s Talk About Sex

Make Sex Less Painful

How to turn the ouch back into ahh

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Vagina Kung-fu

While I am all for a powerful pelvic floor, having excellent bowel and bladder control as well as an amazing sex life I feel this may be a bit much! As a physical therapist with a strong understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and function I don’t ever see the need to train your pelvic floor to this level.

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Potty Trained For Life

From the time our children are born we as mothers look forward to the day we can stop carrying diaper bags and changing diapers. We can’t wait for our little ones to be ‘potty trained.’ We feel a sense of pride (and a little nervousness) that first time we let them wear their ‘big girl underwear’ or ‘big boy underwear.’ Then the first day comes where they don’t have any ‘accidents’ and we are full of praise, excitement and rewards!

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