My Core Floor is a whole body fitness and education experience designed for women. Easily understandable content and specialized exercise programs give you the power to achieve results. Learn how your body is the solution and take back control.

To My Fellow Women,

I am beyond excited that somehow, through internet searching or the recommendation from a friend, family member or healthcare provider, you have found yourself here with me.

I understand the challenges we, as women, face related to our bodies.

I understand no one wants to suffer from difficulties such as pelvic pain or wetting their pants.

I understand these problems can not only be annoying and inconvenient, but they influence us to the very core, altering our social lives and personal relationships.

I have dedicated my career to helping women just like you.
Women suffering in silence,
afraid to say anything,
afraid they are crazy,
afraid they are the only one with these problems.

Trust me, you are not alone and there is hope.

Join MY CORE FLOOR to learn how you can address the unique issues women face and reclaim the life you desire.

All the best,


"Pelvic pain led to a nearly nonexistent sex life with my husband for many years. I learned about My Core Floor and am happy to say we are finally enjoying an active and fulfilling sex life again"
(45 year old mother of 3 children)

"I joined My Core Floor after the birth of my son and it gave me the tools to prevent and improve my body so I didn't have to live with incontinence. Running is my sport and my sanity so having to face incontinence when I was doing something that I loved was hard for me. After finishing 3 months of My Core Floor, I noticed the improvement and can practice my own homework to keep healthy and strong"
(37 year old HR Director and mother of 2 children)


MY CORE FLOOR score is a private questionnaire to get you started on the road to recovery and regaining control.


You are not alone. Designed for your lifestyle and your needs. Become part of the MY CORE FLOOR community.

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